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Mary Ann Dutcher Legacy

Mary Ann Dutcher is a teacher who comes along once in a lifetime.  She came to St. Anastasia in 1973 and was hired to start a kindergarten program.  Her love for the students and families was reflected by her dedication and commitment to her teaching.  Mary Ann had a gift for making new families feel like welcome members of the St. Anastasia community.  The kindergarten classroom immediately became known as an exciting and fun learning environment enabling her young and often first time students an opportunity to flourish.


Mary Ann served as Assistant Principal for many years and also served on a multitude of school as well as parish committees.  Her influence can be seen in our school, parish, and community at large.  Her life’s mission of loving, caring, and educating has positively impacted all those whose lives she has touched.


Mary Ann’s love and dedication to the St. Anastasia community is boundless.  Many alumni, who have gone on to become doctors, lawyers and community leaders, attribute their success to the lessons they learned from Mrs. Dutcher.  After 41 years of selfless service, Mrs. Dutcher retired.


Continuing The Legacy

Saint Anastasia Catholic School was founded in 1926.  The school has educated generations of students.  Initially, the school was administered by the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus, which made tuition affordable for most families.


Maintaining a high quality Catholic education today is much more costly.  Continuing Mrs. Dutcher’s passion for the children of St. Anastasia School, a donor fund has been established in her name.  The initial goal for this fund is $100,000 and the donations will help supplement the school’s budget to provide a foreign language program, enhanced technology initiatives, and updated textbooks.  Please consider giving to this fund to help continue Mrs. Dutcher’s legacy for future generations.  


Click Here to donate now to this important fund.

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