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Our students frequently are found in our library and technology lab.  Our library was recently given a fresh coat of paint, new books and new shelves.  We value the ability to use both fiction and non-fiction books as a tool for learning.  Our technology lab is also a valuable resource, with recently updated computers, Chromebooks and iPads for our students to use as an electronic way of learning.  Teachers incorporate these tools into their daily curriculum, knowing that students learn best using a variety of teaching methods. 


As part of our technology curriculum, this year we have incorporated Common Sense Media.  Navigating cyberbullying, privacy, safety, and other digital dilemmas are a real challenge for schools. But technology also provides incredible opportunities for students to learn, connect, create, and collaborate in ways never before imagined.

We are building a positive school culture that supports the safe and responsible use of technology with Common Sense Education's Digital Citizenship Curriculum.  Students can build skills around critical thinking, ethical discussion, and decision making. For more information about Common Sense Media, review their website at

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