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Mission Statement

St. Anastasia Catholic School was founded on the premise that each student has a unique and dynamic relationship with God. Our mission is to understand the individual gifts each child possesses, and develop the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional well being for every student.

We strive to prepare students for lifelong learning in order to become creative and responsible members of society, as well as develop confident and cooperative Christian leaders to meet the challenges of our future church and society.

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St. Anastasia is a Catholic School dedicated to the education of the children of the parish and, as it is able, other children of the community. St. Anastasia Catholic School strives to create a Catholic, Christian educational community generating a cohesiveness among students, parents and teachers who share a common faith and value system based on principles found within Roman Catholic teachings.


The individuality and uniqueness of each member of the school community is valued at St. Anastasia. A positive self-image, a Christian outlook on life, self-discipline, a sense of responsibility and respect for people, are attributes that we strive to inspire in each student.


St. Anastasia Catholic School endeavors to create a faith-filled and peaceful atmosphere conducive to learning. The academic program strives to provide each student with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to succeed in an ever-changing world. St. Anastasia School is committed to this goal in cooperation with the parents, whom we recognize as the primary educators of the child.


St. Anastasia Catholic School participates in supporting parish-based community activities that serve those in need. St. Anastasia takes pride in being a diverse community with opportunities provided for students and families to share their cultures with the school and parish family.

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