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St. Anastasia Catholic School welcomed her first students in September 1926.  The school was staffed by the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus, who had built and were running Holy Child High School just five blocks away on Sheridan Rd.  The first graduating class of 1927 had eight students.
Despite the Great Depression in the 1930’s, and World War II in the 1940’s, the school continued to remain open and offer a Catholic education to the children of the community at a reasonable rate due to the drive and determination of the Pastor and families of St. Anastasia.  By 1950, the school provided an education to more than 350 students.  At that time the parish was able to support the addition of the two wings with offices and classrooms.  In the 1960’s, due to the continued growth of the parish, a separate church was built, and the school converted the nave and sanctuary into their new gym, as it is currently used today.
St. Anastasia was also one of the first pioneers in the Archdiocese with the establishment of the Development Board, which was formed to build a traditional financial development plan to augment existing fund-raising activities for the school.  It was partly because of this undertaking that St. Anastasia has been permitted to opt out of any plans for school consolidation.
St. Anastasia Parish has always been blessed with many hard-working volunteers in all areas of parish life – liturgical, social, educational, financial, ecumenical, clerical and others. St. Anastasia Catholic School, through the support of this vibrant parish, has a long history of established effective outreach programs.  Our Catholic Identity continues to be a strong presence in the community.
In January, 1999, ninety-two 7th and 8th grade students and staff from St. Anastasia, with solid support from the Archdiocese, made a Pilgrimage of Faith to St. Louis, Missouri, to welcome Pope John Paul II to the United States.  The students were able to attend the Papal Mass, the “Walk in the Light” Youth March, and Youth Rally.  This was followed in 2000 by the Pilgrimage to the Holy City to meet the Pope and attend the World Youth Day celebration.  St. Anastasia sent 20 students and chaperons to experience this wonderful celebration in Rome. These were wonderful experiences for our entire St. Anastasia Family, as they supported the faith of our youth, in our community and worldwide.
St. Anastasia School continues to thrive today.  The teachers and staff continue to be dedicated disciples of Christ, providing academic excellence in a Catholic environment.  Our up to date curriculum is equipping our students to thrive in high school and beyond.  Our alumni hails leaders in our community, in the professional world, and in our parish.

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