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Early Childhood Program

Philosophy and Goals

Using a Cognitive Based Philosophy, we believe that Preschool (3 - 4 years old) children are inherently inquisitive about themselves and the world around them. It is intrinsic to their nature to engage in discovery, creativity, and learning.  We believe that children do this best through active involvement in the learning experience.  Our goal is to provide a warm, nurturing, and stimulating Christian environment in which these natural tendencies can flourish. Children are encouraged to ask questions and try new activities.  We believe that children learn best when parents and teachers work together and support each other.


Preschool Overview

  • Thematic-based learning using the Cognitive Based Philosophy

  • The daily curriculum includes:  reading and writing readiness using the Happily Ever After program, Math, and Science

  • Enhanced curriculum including Art, Music, Spanish, Gym, and Library

  • Structured primary teachings of the Catholic faith, including prayers and weekly mass attendance

  • Dramatic playtime

  • Opportunities to interact with children of different ages in the school

  • Outdoor recess in private, secure playground area

  • Full or Half-Day programs to suit your child's readiness

  • Snack time and nap time (all-day program)

  • Parent participation opportunities

  • Full-time Aide

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