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Music and Art Program

Our Music Program fosters an appreciation of music as students experience different song forms and music of different cultures, including classical, pop and folk music.  Following a listening map and learning how to follow musical notation through music symbols also is part of the musical learning experience.  In addition, all classes prepare for our weekly liturgy by learning traditional and contemporary songs of our Catholic faith.  Students also prepare and participate in the all-school Christmas pageant.


New this year, our 3rd grade will learn the basics of playing a recorder.  Kindergarten through 8th grade students have music twice per week, and our Pre-K students attend once per week.



Our Art Program is considered a Progressive Education special class, as we believe they learn from their active participation in their creative process which can help them become more well-rounded individuals.  It combines traditional arts-based learning and diffused technology learning so the students have a broader scope of the arts.  Students attend art once per week.


Curriculum for Pre-K through Grade 5


  • Acquire procedural knowledge, skill, and craftsmanship through the art making process,

  • Develop understanding of the meaning and purpose of visual art,

  • Explore our diverse historical and cultural heritage through the study of visual art, and

  • Develop aesthetic judgment that supports the making of rich meaning in art


Curriculum for Middle School Grades 6 - 8


  • Develop increasingly sophisticated creative strategies, skills,and habits of mind through artistic practices,

  • Apply design literacy to a wide variety of traditional and new media,

  • Acquire increasing complex procedural knowledge, skill and craftsmanship in art making while exploring an expanded range of media,

  • Develop more sophisticated aesthetic judgment that supports the making and understanding of art,

  • Explore a wide range of notions about the meaning and purpose of visual art, and

  • Form a broader knowledge and understanding of our rich and diverse historical and cultural heritage through art.

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